Koso 4V Cylinder Head Kit – Honda Grom & Monkey


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  • Vendor Part Number: MC623000
  • Cylinder Head Height: 14.2mm
  • Upper Gasket Thickness: 0.25mm
  • Piston Height: 19.5mm
  • Cylinder Displacement: 169.21cc
  • Squish: 1mm
  • Cylinder Head Titration: 13.4cc
  • Valve Clearance IN : 10mm, EX : 10mm
  • Spark Plug Type NGK-5869ER9EH
  • Camshaft Angle: 260
  • Torque (max): 1.71
  • Horsepower (max): 26.26
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LogoThe Koso 4V Cylinder Head kit for the Honda Grom and Honda Monkey is the ideal engine part to complete the Koso Big Bore kit. Because of its unique 4 valve design, the air flow and performance are increased. This newly designed head is the perfect addition for those who desire more power and torque. The 4 Valve Cylinder Head Kit features a forged piston, stainless steel 24mm intake valves and 20mm exhaust valves. Feel the speed!

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Koso 4V Cylinder Head Kit - Honda Grom & Monkey