Vee Tire Co. Speedster 24×2.0 BMX/Mountain/Cruiser Tire


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  • Vee Rubber Brand
  • Requires Tube
  • Size: 24×2.0 (50-507)
  • Tread Pattern: VRB 316 Speedster
  • MPC – Multi Purpose Compound
  • 1 Ply 72 TPI Casing
  • Folding Bead
  • Reflective Stripe on Sidewall
  • Weight : 690 g.
  • Does Not Include Rim
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Vee Tire CoVee Tire Co. Speedster BMX/Mountain/Cruiser Tire 24×2.0 folding bead tire with black tread and reflective stripe on sidewall. Also used on electric bicycles!

The Speedster is designed for high speed and minimal drag on hard pack or paved tracks. The honeycomb center gives you excellent traction in all conditions and surfaces. Large diamond shaped side knobs provide the grip you need in corners, while the tread knobs get larger towards the outside for the ultimate speed and traction.

The Multipurpose Compound offers the most variety of all materials as it’s designed with all terrains in mind. This compounds allows for durability and lengthens the life of the tire with a hardness of 56 A.

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Vee Tire Co. Speedster 24x2.0 BMX/Mountain/Cruiser Tire