SSP-G GY6 Oil Cooled Cases for 180cc Kit


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  • Only For Use With 80.5mm Cylinder Stud Spacing! Will Not Fit Standard GY6!
  • Includes Radiator, Lines and Fittings
  • Made in Taiwan
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LogoSSP-G Oil Cooler Kit for the 180cc Power Kit or any GY6 that uses an 80.5mm cylinder stud spacing such as the Taida B-Block cases.

This kit comes with pre-drilled and tapped right side engine cases for the included oil cooler assembly.

Includes the following: right side engine cases, oil cooler with lines and fittings and a gasket.

*Please note: these cases will NOT fit a standard GY6 engine!*

Please see our Warranty & Returns Policy.

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SSP-G GY6 Oil Cooled Cases for 180cc Kit